Vendor Invoice Management (VIM)

When the number of your customers is few, it is exciting to follow the invoices. However, as you grow your business and start to address tens and even hundreds of customers, monitoring the input, output, bank approvals, and other processes of a great number of invoices turns into a frightening process.

OpenText Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) solution eliminates the complexity in manual invoice processes, works in integration with all invoicing phases, and forwards related invoices to the related officers automatically. Incomparably simplifying the phases of procurement, forwarding, approval, monitoring the incompliant data, and registering them in the invoicing processes with the expertise of Çözümevi, this solution speeds up invoice approvals with its easy-to-use mobile and portal interfaces and thus makes everyone at the accounting department content.

OpenText VIM, which works in integration with SAP applications, fully automates data flow and cuts out manual entries. This way, invoices are forwarded to the right persons for resolution, approval and payment transactions. Managers can easily review related invoices from their mobile devices and approve them. With remote viewing support, the approval cycle is shortened and the payments of dealers can be made earlier.

  • With SAP ERP integration, it automates forwarding, approval, and payment processes and accelerates payment account works at the enterprise
  • It improves dealer relations by accessing real and current dealer information
  • It provides accurate and timely financial reporting by accessing payment accounts information
  • It regulates business flows, activates reminders, and by shortening the payment cycle it develops cash flow
  • It improves compliance with regulations using preliminary configuration rules