Enterprise Document and Content Management (xECM)

A major part of your business processes uses a variety of content concerning your operations. Numerous items of content -from official correspondence to archive documents, from agreements to production and service records- are created by departments such as R&D, Production, Sales, Marketing, and Services. All this content should be acquired, managed, stored and delivered to the right user at the right time and at the right place.

By adapting the proven Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution developed by OpenText for enterprise content management, Çözümevi ensures that your content is always ready for access. In addition, with the Extended ECM solution, it is possible to smoothly integrate this system into SAP enterprise business applications portfolio. OpenText xECM integrates whole content of your enterprise and corporate with SAP Business Suite, which contains applications such as SAP ERP, CRM and PLM.

Thus, all the related information in the SAP system is enriched by data and document archiving, viewing, document management compliance, and virtual outlook with application measurements.

Since all content is delivered to the right users on an authorization basis when needed via user-friendly screens, numerous tasks that are performed manually are automated and easier to access, thus improving content-centered operations throughout the enterprise.

  • Multiple display and access for configured and non-configured business contents
  • With central work areas, forums, and approval flows, increase in efficiency and cooperation
  • Fewer legal and regulations-based risks thanks to content cycle and integrity
  • With effective content management, minimum IT complexity and data warehouse needs
  • Less use of resources thanks to automatic archiving