Neutec İlaç SAP Project

In every project, support from senior management, building the right project team, and working with the right solution partner are the most important factors. Managing these factors in full coordination enables turning the project into a success story.

Could you give us some information concerning your company and activities?

Neutec is a group of companies of Turkish capital that aims to develop new methods to prevent diseases, protect human health, to increase quality of life, and provide generic drugs to the whole world, primarily Turkey, with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Neutec was founded in Istanbul in 1992 and started its activities as an importer of finished products. Supporting the knowledge and experience with bold investments, the company completed the construction of its first manufacturing facility in Adapazarı in 2007 and took its place in the industry as a manufacturer. Neutec continues its activities and developments today with 2 Solid, 1 Sefalosporin, 1 Inhaler, and 2 R&D facilities and has acquired a respectable position for itself among the pharmaceutical manufacturers in Turkey with its 100% Turkish capital. Neutec has been exporting finished products since 2011 with its European GMP compliance-certified facilities and continues to increase the number of countries and regions it exports to.

Neutec aims to become a leader in the Turkish and global market by bringing together R&D activities and advanced technology products as well as to provide treatment methods that will help patients live a life of higher quality with innovative products and services. 

Could you tell briefly about your SAP project? What are the industry-specific requirements that SAP business solutions meet?

Neutec İlaç began the SAP project in March 2014. The basic Financial and Logistic modules for the 8 companies within Neutec İlaç were within the scope of the project. The project period was planned as 9 months. A project team was formed within the company and it consisted of 32 people, with the participation of employees from all business units and the Information Systems unit. The active project team reached people, including the consultants of the consultancy company. 7 modules went live, with one company included in the project with management decision in July 2015 and another one included in January 2016.

We believe we have benefitted greatly from SAP business solutions in the critical GxP processes of the pharmaceutical industry and particularly in the integration of logistics processes. In addition, we particularly tried to benefit from the best applications presented by SAP by reviewing all our processes in the design period of the project. We see the positive effects of the SAP solution by improving our current processes. 

Why did you need this project? What were your project goals?

We aimed to have an ERP application that could support the vision and strategic targets of Neutec İlaç. Also, because of our exportation goals, we had to proceed with a global solution. For this reason, we decided to implement SAP, which had prominent applications that a company of our scale had to use and had a structure that was most compliant with the dynamism, requirements and growth plans of Neutec İlaç.

Our most fundamental goal in the project was to carry out our business processes systematically and to install an orderly automation structure. In addition to this, during the transition, we tried to create a flexible structure that could support our dynamic business processes with SAP solutions, reviewing our current processes, and taking into consideration the best applications. 

What kind of benefits did the project provide to your institution?

First of all, we can say that the project provided thoroughly integrated and improved business processes throughout the company. The fact that all group companies work on the same platform has strengthened the communication between business units and brought transparency to the company.

SAP has also allowed a common reporting language to be created throughout the company. With all data being collected at the same location, accountability and decision making mechanisms work faster.

One of the greatest benefits of a project of this scope is to create a staff that is in command of the fundamental processes of the company. Each member of the SAP project team has become a very important value for the company. 

With which solution partner did you choose for the SAP project? Can you tell us about the contributions of the SAP solution partner to the project?

We implemented the project together with Çözümevi Danışmanlık. Çözümevi partook in the works actively with a staff of approximately 15 people in terms of project management and senior consultancy. Neutec İlaç captured a good synergy with the project team and they made important contributions to the completion of the project as a single team.

In the success of the SAP projects, it is important to work with the right solution partner. Positive communication with the business units of the company, adopting the project as its own, supporting the company in the difficult times were of great importance for success. 

Why did you prefer Çözümevi? Would you recommend it to other companies?

A team that is experienced in the pharmaceuticals industry and successful projects in many field and industries were the main reasons to choose Çözümevi. It displays the importance it attaches to the project by participating in the team with a robust staff. We would like to thank Çözümevi for working like “Neutec İlaç employees” during the project. 

What kind of applications/innovations are you thinking of in the period to come?

In the short term, we aim for all group companies to make the transition to SAP and then to implement SAP S/4HANA. With S/4HANA, which is the state-of-the-art product of SAP, we are aiming to employ user interfaces in a more effective manner and to create a dynamic structure in which the management can monitor continuously with the dashboard feature. 

What would you recommend to companies that want to use similar solutions?

For a project of this scale, first of all, the right ERP system must be selected. In order to implement the selected ERP project, the internal team and the solution partner must be meticulously selected. Support from senior management, building the right project team, and working with the right solution partner are the most important factors. Managing these factors in full coordination enables turning the project into a success story.